Patron Mindfulness
Leadership Course

Embrace Humanity in mindfulness

International Mindfulness Leader

International experts supporting global mental health

Accredited curriculum with targeted clinical experience

The Patron mindfulness Leader Course is a 10-day standardized curriculum that includes language acquisition and basic skills training for leading targeted meditations. Patron mindfulness combines traditional Korean meditation, which is effective for body relaxation and circulation, with mindfulness meditation, which strengthens the watchtower’s ability to check bodily sensations.

Leverage our global network to deliver jobs

After completing the qualification training and fieldwork, you can get a job as an EAP worker at a global company that partners with Nodamen, or work as an international mindfulness expert in refugee camps and social adjustment education centers around the world.

Performance stage

The ultimate experience from empathy to inspiration to growth

International Mindfulness Leaders

Meditation teacher in refugee camps and social adjustment centers around the world.

Global Corporate EAP Specialist

Worked as an EAP specialist providing job stress and mental health care to employees of global companies

Our partner

We stand with you in support of the United Nations Resolution on Mental Health and Psychosocial Support for Sustainable Development and Peace

The truest thing is someone's pain

Yuval Harari


The Patron mindfulness leader course is organized into 10 lessons that take you through the growth process from training the body to revitalize bodily functions, to mindfulness to cleanse the emotions, to self-friendship to restore connection to the self, to renewed connection to the world.

10th Level Job Training | 30-day course

Educating for global leadership


Teachers are some of the best in the field

Johe Lee


Elliot Shin

homeroom professor

three steps to success

Course benefits

With headquarters in Japan, Singapore, South Africa, and other countries, we can offer you a global footprint. We can also award you certifications that will help you in your global career.


Nodamen employees and affiliated professionals

Expert in coaching global corporate EAP personnel and digital platforms in connection with domestic and overseas offices


Worked in refugee camps and social adjustment centers around the world

Served as an international leader in mindfulness to support mental health for African refugees and North Korean defectors


Award certifications and recommendations

Issuance of an internship certificate from a local NGO and a letter of recommendation from the director of a local international organization, which is required for employment and further education for graduates with excellent grades.


Why Mindfulness Leadership?

Become internationally qualified for the jobs of the future

In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic and low growth, there is a growing demand for international mindfulness practitioners as countries expand support for mental health services in the face of a global increase in social isolation and mental illness. Patron Mindfulness leaders are not affiliated with any religion or organization and have the freedom to practice freely and receive continually upgraded services.

Develop business acumen and leadership that understands how the world works

You’ll improve your problem-solving skills, leadership, cultural sensitivity, and local language skills as you engage in social missions that understand global trends. You’ll also gain a broader worldview as you contribute to social issues and drive positive change through your participation in social missions.

Build global connections and careers

Join a global mission and collaborate with people from diverse backgrounds and roles to expand your international business and social networks.

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Most frequent questions and answers

We are building relationships with international organizations, giving those who complete the Patron mindfulness leadership course the opportunity to serve as global leaders.

To participate in the Patron mindfulness leader course, you must be a university graduate or higher (fluency in at least one foreign language and experience with mindfulness meditation programs are preferred).

Before you can apply for the Patron mindfulness leader course, you’ll need to complete our application form and, if successful, we’ll interview you.

Would you like to try it?

To inquire about the Patron mindfulness leader course, please leave a message with your availability and contact information and we will call you back.

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