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NODAMEN offers mental care services through the PATRON app, which is a global C2C Art & Culture platform. PATRON provides mental care solutions to individuals and companies, with a focus on mindfulness.


Our story


No matter how much you listen to your own voice to your own voice, it’s hard to find the truth. The truth is someone else’s pain is my pain.

By Yuval Harari

In a world where things are changing quickly, and we can’t predict the future, our lives feel less connected and more complicated.

Sometimes, we may wonder, “Who am I?” when we lose track of what’s important. But in a world full of information, it can be hard to find the answers.

That’s why it’s important for us to learn how to understand, recognize, and judge information on our own. Nodamen suggests three ways to find these answers:

1. ART Use art to connect with your feelings.
2. Mindful Pay attention to your body and mind.
3. Humanity Show kindness to others and build new relationships.



Embrace Humanity in mindfulness


A new community culture created by
individuals who realize value



Take back ownership of your body and mind



Ability to empathize with the suffering of others



Ability to see the big picture of the world

Corporate history

Art meets technology

from The modern Streaming Platform for Art & Music to Global C2C Art & Culture Platform

2022.11 KT Genie TV Open Commemorative Digital Art Fair
2021.01 Selected as KT Collaboration Project by Gyeonggi Creative Economy Innovation Center
2021.04 PATRON (Launched KT AI speaker GIGANI)
2021.07 Launched Samsung, LG Smart TV app
2020.12 Launched beta version of artwork viewing service Patron
2019.12 Selected and moved into Samsung Electronics C.Lab Outside
2019.12 Travel: Strangeness and Excitement exhibition co-hosted with Patron
2019.10 Organized ‘European Modernist Painters in Digital’ exhibition
2019.09 Awarded the Grand Prize at the Art Investment Competition
2019.06 Jeju Local Enterprise Innovation Growth Voucher Support Project
Selected to develop ‘Patron Digital Smart TV App Planning and Development’
2018.10 Selected to develop ‘Blockchain-based Secure Digital Artwork
copyright trading platform’
2018.09 Selected for the Jeju Tourism Organization’s promotion-type tourism content industry marketing support project
2017.11 Marketing and exhibition planning for the 064th Jeju Craft Festival
2017.05 Selected to develop a social curation platform for Jeju Technopark R&D project
2017.03 Established Nodamen Co.

Art meets meditation

New challenge for social impact business Offering mental care services through Mindful Art content and ACE mindfulness

2023.10 Singapore Korea ST+ART Exhibition | Sponsor Exhibit
2023.10 Opened membership to Patreon’s Mind Pool for PTSD symptom relief
2023.06 Established ACE (Art Culture Education), a non-profit educational research organization
2022.06 Selected for the K-Startup Center (KSC) Overseas Expansion Support Project
2022.04 Selected as a non-face-to-face startup fostering project

Art embraces humanity

Enhancing mental health with global partners and talents

2023.11 ACE Mindfulness Professional Certification Course launched
2023.10 ACE Mindfulness seminar held
2022.09 Signed ACE Mindfulness contract with South African forced migrants
2023.09 Signed a contract with UNHCR staff in Africa for Patron membership

Mjor Business

Platform business

PATRON offers a platform of mental care services with art, music, and the voice of mindfulness. With partners, we care for individuals who are suffering.

EAP(Employee Assistance Program)

In the ever-changing world, Mindful Art combines art and meditation, offering internal communication training to boost employee stress resilience and self-healing.

Training PATRON Coach

Patron Mindfulness empowers global experts and young volunteers to deliver meditation classes (both online and offline) for the mental health of refugees worldwide, including North Korean refugees.

Community Service

ACE(NGO) conducts research and educational initiatives to promote the mental well-being of refugees globally. It collaborates with celebrated artists and companies to provide support for the mental health of displaced individuals worldwide.

Patron | Mindful ART

Online art exhibitions

PATRON Art exhibitions showcase art from many artists, both local and global. You can appreciate these exhibitions on your smart TV, PC, or mobile device, and the music is selected by experts to make the experience even better.

You are artist

Anyone can express their ideas with pictures, drawings, stories, and more on Patreon. You can also choose from a range of music and messages to accompany your content.

Mindful art

We use the emotional impact of 'Mindful Art' and the thinking skills from 'mindfulness' to make meditation easy for everyone to do.

Community & coaching

You can form groups with people who share your interests, have direct conversations, and get personalized guidance from mindfulness experts.

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affiliated organization

Non-Governmental Organization, ACE(Art & Culture Education)

We're doing scientific research on the psychological and practical use of combining Mindfulness and Art. We're also creating programs that are simple for anyone to try.

Offline Experience, Hu:Buam

In HU:Buam, a charming neighborhood nestled at the base of a mountain, you can enjoy Mindflu Art in a traditional two-story Hanok house while taking in the beautiful scenery of Mount Inwang.

Nature Meditation in the Retreat Forest of Jeju Island

In the serene surroundings of Jeju Recreational Forest, you can engage in various forms of mindful art centered around relaxation, renewal, and healing themes.

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